Cloud is SMB's killer weapon, if you are starting now

Cloud is the best weapon an SMB can have, if he is starting up now.

Cloud has certainly been picking up now and is becoming more commonplace than ever. But to make it more prevalent, it is critical to demystify the concepts of Cloud, especially among the Small and Medium sized Businesses, as they are the ones who are poised to gain the maximum out of Cloud.

In one of my earlier blogs on LinkedIn, we had talked about the fact that any Internet facing end-user is in all likelihood already using cloud. 
  • For example, if you are using Dropbox, then you are keeping your files in one device, while accessing from any other device, provided you install the Dropbox app or access it through browser. This is driven by a Cloud provider (Amazon AWS), which stores your files in the backend in some remote servers and shares back with you when you provide your user id and password from any other device. 
  • If you are on Google Drive, you are again using the cloud features for similar usage. 
In a related post on +Digital CRM blog, we tried to give you some idea about why an SMB owner is much better placed to start up a company today compared to 5 years back considering the advent of Cloud. 
  • For example, to host your business web pages, you would not need to build an IT Infrastructure from scratch and also think on keeping it large enough assuming your business clicks soon and the site doesn't crash. You can build a scale-able infrastructure on Cloud, where you can increase the computing power, storage almost on the fly. 

Any SMB owner should be more interested and would like to spend more time on:
  • The products 
  • Pricing 
  • Go-to-market strategy etc.
The IT infrastructure, Analytics etc is expected to come as an on-tap service. And that's precisely what can be achieved through Cloud. 

Are you an SMB owner or an SMB startup?
Are you wondering where to start on the IT side of the business?


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