Being him...

How would you react, if tomorrow morning you suddenly realized that you couldn’t recognize anybody in the world, not even yourself? What would it be like if tomorrow you forget all your dreams? How difficult would it be to continue with your existence? Or how smooth would it be?

But when were the last time you thought of running away from your daily routine and settling down in an unknown meadow? Was it last month, or last week or last night? How frequently do you plan to get out of this shit and then again start dealing with it? You curse yourself while coming back home in the deep night of wasting yet another day and then next morning, you start a new day again looking at the mirror.

On one fine morning, if you find yourself to be the lone dweller of this planet called earth, having a Sun and a Moon only for you and the entire greenery and the mountains and the seas only for you to look at, would you be the happiest entity on this universe?

I wont be.
I don’t want to be a God.
I don’t want to be the God.

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