Digital Business is the way to go, no matter what you are selling

Do you sell cookies? Or do you sell Apparels? Digital Business is for you, irrespective of what you are selling. 

Befriend Technology and reap the benefits to reach out to more customers out there.

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Since the first steam engine rolled out, possibly this is the best time ever to start your own business. You may be a businessman planning to sell food or apparels or your own artwork. Or you may be planning to sell your ideas about Interior Decoration or you are an Author selling your own books. Whatever be it, once you are ready with your product, the first dreading thought that eventually hits you is - how to connect with your potential customers? 

The answer for any SMB so far has been - "I have a large network and I reach out to them with my products." The approach has been to leverage the network of friends, friends of friends and so on. Though this may sound good to start with, but unfortunately this is not a scalable affair. After first few sales, it becomes difficult to reach out to the same friends for a repeat order at times. Also it has its own limitation, by the extent of your network size and your network's network size. You can reach a certain niche population, who are like you (think Demographics) or similar to you. But there is a huge number of potential customers out there, who might not be in your or your friend's network. 

How big is that untapped population? To put things into perspective, lets have few numbers about India.

  • Total Population: 1.2 billion
  • Active Social Media Users: 0.1 billion
  • Internet Users: 0.2 billion
  • Mobile Subscribers: 0.8 billion
  • 70% of Internet access is being done through Mobile or Tablet
  • 28% of total Indian population has atleast one mobile connection

This is enormous. Even if you are tapping only India market, that's huge. Since Digital business doesn't confine itself into any geographical boundary, literally the sky becomes the limit. But how do you reach this huge Internet facing, Mobile savvy, Social Media friendly population? For starters, you can use the below checklist to find out how ready you are. 

  1. Do you have a Website?
  2. Is your Website Mobile friendly?
  3. Do you have a Social Media strategy, which goes beyond opening a FB page?
  4. Are you using online advertising also?
  5. Are you using Cloud based tools and not spending fortunes in building an IT Infra?

If you say "Yes" to 3 items above, you are well on track. And if you say "Yes" to more than 4, you are in all likelihood already reaping the benefits out of this new age technology. 

What is stopping you in expanding your business from a local one to a global one using Digital Technology? Share your experience and thoughts.


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