The Art of Public Speech

Public speaking is one of the most terrible things people dare. I was told once by a corporate trainer (they talk non-sense mostly) that public speaking tops the list of most fearful things in life. While there are enormous amount of literature written on the Art of Speech, I believe the best way of learning is to record yourself and then attempt to see the video back. Believe me, it would make you think that you should jump out of the window, now, unless you are a Guy Kawasaki.

Guy Kawasaki doesn't need any introduction to those who are clued onto his numerous posts and lectures and books. However if you need reasons to watch this video on Entrepreneurship  let me prime you a bit with the possible benefits:

1. You save your money from buying a pretty popular book - "The Art of Start", as Guy talks in this video primarily from the book. But you may get enticed to buy the book after this lecture - see, I warned you. 
2. How to make a speech which doesn't suck even though its long
3. How to Connect with the audience in a prepared speech

and one last point:
4. How to buy time from the organizers even if you are overshooting - you need to go till the last 7-8 minutes where he is fighting for one last slide.

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