President Barack Obama: The Dreamer

Obama is one of the best things that has happened to the world this year. Well, that's the biggest understatement of 2008. In the time of Great Depression V2.0, Obama can prove to be the only solution America could offer. But can he make it? Can he deliver whatever he has promised? Aint he putting up too much pressure on himself? Dont you think he is digging his own grave? Lets take a risk and guess how significant his win is in World and US politics.

His middle name will put the Muslim Terrorists at unease. The war between USA and Iraq/Afghanistan/any other Muslim country was portrayed as a war between two religions, two cultures. But things might be difficult to explain for the Moulavis now. At the worst case, he would be termed as a Traitor. But it will not be a war of civilizations any more.

He wont make any significant contribution in resolving the present financial crisis in USA and world wide. However it will come to a natural stability within a couple of months. But Obama might take away the credit of saving the nation from one of the biggest crisis ever and increase his popularity index from 54% to 70+. Conspiracy theorist might ask the uneasy questions - Was it a politically motivated crisis? Was it a Presidential Election year crisis?

He has been the champion of affirmative action. He has got a lot of White votes also on his way to White House. But his election might actually polarize the US people again on the basis of complexion as the whites have already started thinking about them being minority. See some interesting stuff here. Hardcore conservative forces might try to get into the political arena with more vigor aka India. A related query: Can a Dalit be the Prime Minister of India withing next 10 years?

Lastly the most important question for any IT professional - will his election make any impact on Outsourcing? I guess/wish/hope the answer is NO. While the USA economy is going through crisis, it will try to come out of it at any cost. And that's what cost-cutting is going to do. To do cost-cutting, the best and time-tested way is to Outsource. There will be billing pressure on the IT companies. There will be some fat reduction also. The overhead might get reduced a bit. But it wont be possible to completely do away with the outsourcing. That would only endanger USA economy and prolong the Great Depression V2.0.

To see the complete text of his Victory speech at Chicago click here.

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