5 must to do things for a bong during Dugga Pujo

Bongs are bongs, and are bongs forever. This species has certain characteristics, which differentiate it from other species like Homo-sapiens etc., but the best of bong comes out during its annual carnival called Dugga Pujo (some not-so-perfect bongs call it Durga Puja also). If you ever aspire to be called a True Blue Bong, you must do the following five things during Dugga Pujo. Else...

Note that there are few variations of this species across the age groups. We have taken a sample out of 30 to 40 years age group, as during this time frame the maximum possible bong-ishness comes out. 
 And here are the 5 actionable. Check your score, genuinely.

1. You should buy atleast one new dress, even if it’s inner wear just before Dugga Pujo. And you have to wear that piece on the auspicious day of Bijoya Doshomi while offering Anjali (not Sachin's wife dude, its offering flowers to the Goddess). 

2. You must buy a Puja Barshiki, the Puja special literature editions. It’s not about reading, it’s about the buying experience man. There is no harm even if you don't complete a single story.

3. You have to go out and eat street food (read Fuchka) atleast on one of the 5 days of Pujo. This is must for your annual soul (and bowel) cleansing.

4. You should post atleast one pic in Facebook. If you are male, one abstract pic is worth 10 Durga portraits. If you are phemale, post a couple of selfies. No offence - you look good during Dugga Pujo, also.

5. Bhog and not Vogue is in-thing during Pujo. Keep that in mind on Astami.

One bonus point:
6. You must have a traditional wear in your wardrobe. Ladies/Girls - Red & White. Men/Boys: White Kurta. Color variations are acceptable since this is a bonus point.

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