Did Motorola copy Dell?

Motorola has come out with this new device Moto X recently. Its a revival of sorts for this good old mobile OEM. Motorola had lost its glory long back. They dabbled between multiple operating systems, before finally focusing only on Android. However there was a lull for sometime and now from the press releases, it seems they would be out with more products soon. In the meantime, they changed their logo to show their new parent, Google. The logo added a bit of color (literally) to Motorola's life it seems. 

Moto X is their first of a series of products. It has its own unique specifications. But what caught the attention (and they were trying to mark it as the USP as well) was the ability to customize your phone. If you check the video in this post, you will see how you can change the color of your back cover, power button, headset and so on. Its a difficult game, as the inventory strategy needs to be worked out properly. A naive example: you have to predict the number of users going for a pink back cover compared to those who go for a blue one and keep stock accordingly. That requires some thinking. 

While checking the Motomaker video, I was getting a feel of visiting Dell website, where you used to configure all the specs including RAM, HDD, Processor and so on. Its like making your own phone, custom built, with even a signature to be shown at the back.

Did Motorola get motivated by the Dell model? Nobody from Motorola would acknowledge that for sure. But its going to open up a new way of selling Mobile phones. 

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